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Mallotus Philippensis Seeds Supplier

Sparingly found in Telangana area and the North Coastal Districts. It is identified by red-dotted glands on the backside of the leaf and red glands on the surface of the capsules. It is a good soil improver. It is sensitive to drought. It coppices well and produces root suckers.


Morphology of the Fruit/Seed : Capsules 3-coccus, loculicidally 3 valved, 1.5 to 2 cms in diameter, densely covered with a scarlet powder. The seeds are minute, globose, black, smooth with a moderately thick brittle testa.

Seed Collection and Storage : Fruits are collected in April and washed to clean the resin and dried in the sun. Then fruits are beaten to separate the seeds. Seeds have short viability.

Pretreatment : Not required.

Nursery Technique : Seeds are put in raised primary bed in April and a cover of hay is given over the bed. Shade and moisture are necessary in the early stages. Germination starts in 3 weeks time and continues for sometime.


Flowering : Small flowers of brick red colour in terminal spikes appear in November to January.


Family Euphorbiaceae
Telugu Name Senduri, Kumkuma
Fruiting Fruits ripen from February to May.

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Min. Order Quantity 20 Pack(s)

Seed Biology

No. of seeds per Kg. Germination percentage Plant percent No. of seedlings per Kg. of seed
25000 20 30 7000